Pauline Ho, who today will be graduating with a doctoral degree from the School of Education, was recognized as one of UW–Madison’s spring 2024 “notable graduates” by University Communications.

Ho “had just $3,000 in her bank account when she started her graduate work at UW–Madison. English was her fourth language, and neither of her parents had finished elementary school,” notes a campus story.

“Given my starting point, this journey has been undoubtedly challenging,” says Ho, who was born in Vietnam and settled in Los Angeles at age 12. While her path has not been easy, she is earning a PhD in educational psychology.

Ho also was recently honored with an Award for Mentoring Undergraduates in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities from the Office of the Provost. She has helped undergraduate researchers learn skills in qualitative research “through a well-organized training program,” says her advisor B. Bradford Brown, a professor in the Department of Educational Pscyhology, “while also creating a caring environment and supporting students through the struggles many face as first-generation college students and members of underrepresented groups.”

Says one student she has mentored: “Her high standards, expectations, and support for her students have given me the confidence to express myself, pursue my ambitions, and achieve my career goals as a psychologist studying human development.”

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